Cobra Hunter


Cobra Hunter is probably the best band in the world already. Shelby Cobra, the legendary outlaw country artist, and Cayle Hunter, the connoisseur of heavy riffs, have united their talents to create something truly exceptional. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tried to induct them before they ever played their first note, but they decided to do it the old fashioned way.

The only thing that outshines their immense musical talent? Their humility.

Joking aside, in their explosive debut single, "I'm Your Sinking Song," now available on all streaming platforms, Cobra Hunter delivers a sonic experience like no other. A wild ride filled with thunderous riffs, raw energy, and unforgettable vocals that will echo in your mind long after the first listen.

This dynamic collaboration effortlessly blends their influences, resulting in a sound that is refreshingly distinctive and undeniably Cobra Hunter. Their loud, irreverent, and dirty style, coupled with a touch of humor that sets them apart from the rest will probably change your life forever, at minimum.

So, don't miss out on this musical revelation! Take a moment to listen to "I'm Your Sinking Song" (LINK IN BIO) and immerse yourself in the brilliance of Cobra Hunter. If you can't resist sharing the love for this groundbreaking sound, spread the word and let others in on the excitement.

Seats are selling out fast on the Cobra Hunter bandwagon! Reserve yours while you still can!

Cobra Hunter is here to conquer the world, one riff at a time. Embrace the power of rock and join the Cobra Hunter revolution today!